In Santa Barbara

Well I’m not going to fix any computer in Sparks Nevada from down here, am I?  This is maybe not a good time to go on vacation, but I do have to come down here occasionally as long as my mom is still around.  Besides, It IS Santa Barbara.

It’s nice down here for a year without a summer.  It’s currently 60 degrees and it made it up to 69 today.  Not exactly beach weather.  I taught another computer class on Monday.  It was a lot better than my class last Wednesday. (a week ago Wednesday).  I had a lot more help and the students were better too.  One woman in my class could have probably taught the class, yet she insisted that she was glad to be there.  One thing I have found out here in Santa Barbara is that I like 12 year old Irish Whiskey (Jameson) about as well as I like a lot of 12 year old Scotch.  I know when your self employed, you’re never supposed to take any time off.  I do feel a little guilty about leaving Sparks and not working more on my business.  Well, I’m tired now, so I guess I’ll write more later.

About whatisblivit

I have been working with computers since the Commodore Vic20. I've been building PC's since about 1989. I received my Electrical Engineering degree in 1986. I have been building and maintaining my extended families computers since about 1996.
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1 Response to In Santa Barbara

  1. kiziah says:

    well, everyone deserves a little time to visit family 🙂

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