Teaching Computers in Reno

I went into Pronet to get my teaching kit last Wednesday and I was told that the class had been cancelled.  They told me that only three people had signed up for the class, so they were going to have them come in next week.  I really don’t understand this, because we’re all volunteers anyway.  Nobody was informed the class was cancelled so we all took time out (from our busy days) to teach the class.  I at least found out about the cancellation by going to Pronet so I didn’t have to drive all the way out to Reno town mall to find out about it.  The people that they got to help me didn’t find out about it at all until no one showed up over there.

After I found out that I wasn’t teaching, I went to mail my mom a bottle of Rum (who knew they won’t let you mail booze).  Failing that mission too, I decided to stop in to several small businesses and see if they needed any computer help.  Not really.  I did have a really delicious burger at the place over by the shell station on the corner of Vista and Baring.  I will find out the name and edit this post at a later time to fill it in.  It was REALLY worth stopping in.  The Bacon cheese burger with a Large drink was less than 5 bucks.

I got back out to the car where I had unwisely left my cell phone, and found out that I had two panicked calls from my usual helpers for the Wednesday computer class.  Nobody told THEM the class was canceled even AFTER I had shown up at Pronet having not been told myself.  If tomorrow’s class is cancelled, I think I’ll just uncancel it and teach it anyway.

I could say something about why a volunteer organization can’t be run as well as one that people are paying for, but it’s been my experience that they are. (Every bit as well.)

P.S.  I found out that although they won’t let you mail rum, they WILL let you mail a bottle of vinegar.  (well of course that’s what’s in there…)

About whatisblivit

I have been working with computers since the Commodore Vic20. I've been building PC's since about 1989. I received my Electrical Engineering degree in 1986. I have been building and maintaining my extended families computers since about 1996.
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1 Response to Teaching Computers in Reno

  1. Kiziah says:

    Well there must be some way someone could send liquor. Maybe UPS?

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