New virus warning email has some truth to it

I just got this virus warning from a friend.  I’ve gotten other warnings from him that were somewhat inaccurate.  This one comes with a “snopes” link (as some others have) It reads just like the “Life is beautiful” virus hoax.  One difference is that there is a real virus associated with this warning.

“Infectious email messages have been circulating and spreading a virus called, “VBMania.” If you receive any emails with “Here you have” or “Just for you” in the subject line, please delete these emails immediately. Don’t open them or click on any links or attachments.”

There was an infected web page associated with this email, but I read that it has been taken down.  There are still infected attachments associated with this file that look like either a “WMV” movie file, or a “PDF” file.  DO NOT OPEN THESE ATTACHMENTS!

The infected email propagates itself by going into your email address book and sending itself out to all of your contacts.

As usual, the threat is somewhat exaggerated.  The article goes on to say: “Additional information about the “Here you have” virus posted on the McAfee Labs Blog indicates that their anti-virus software has since been updated to recognize and neutralize VBMania and that “this URL is no longer active and the email propagation vector is believed to be crippled at this time,” so the threat posed by the “Here you have” or “Just For You” virus is now rather low. “

This should still act as a warning for you not to open up any unknown attachments.  Good antimalware software will warn you about the attachment before you open it, and you should also be able to scan the attachment manually before you open it.

More on this later…

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I have been working with computers since the Commodore Vic20. I've been building PC's since about 1989. I received my Electrical Engineering degree in 1986. I have been building and maintaining my extended families computers since about 1996.
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