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New virus warning email has some truth to it

I just got this virus warning from a friend.  I’ve gotten other warnings from him that were somewhat inaccurate.  This one comes with a “snopes” link (as some others have) http://www.snopes.com/computer/virus/hereyouhave.asp It reads just like the “Life is beautiful” virus … Continue reading

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My trip to Austin (Nevada).

I’ve always wanted to see the Nevada State Fossil (The Ichthyosaurus) so I decided to head out the middle of the state and go to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park (http://parks.nv.gov/bi.htm)  I needed a place to stay out there and the … Continue reading

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Blogging plus anti-malware

Pop up “antivirus” ads on the internet…. Avoid them…. Continue reading

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Facebook and Linkedin

Well, I spent the day on social media.  I put up an ad on facebook.  It’s costing me up to 2.46 a day for 31 days (I guess). They charge me per <click> and I limited it to 3 clicks … Continue reading

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